More About Me

Taylor Pilderian was born and raised in Cranston, Rhode Island and has always had a love for all this state has to offer, all of its unique real estate included! Taylor has explored many different career paths in her young professional life and truly believes that all of them have been leading her to real estate. All of the knowledge gained in the different fields she has had the opportunities to experience has given her an unmatched wealth of skills, making her the perfect buying and listing agent through every single step of the process.

Growing up in Cranston RI and spending a lot of time in Warwick RI working at her family’s restaurant has made her extremely knowledgeable about both of these areas of the state. She went on to attend The University of Rhode Island, in the southern part of the state, attaining a Bachelor's Degree in Art, in addition to taking design classes at RISD. Graduating from The University of Rhode Island in 2017 from the Film/Media program she started working on films and tv shows straight out of college. Working all throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Los Angeles in a design capacity, mostly in costumes. She more recently took the lead in designing a portion of a mixed use flip. The completely renovated 100 year old home now houses a home decor store, Cozy Home and Gifts, on the first floor and the loft that Taylor designed on the second floor. She has also worked as the primary marketing representative for her family businesses since she was in high school. These opportunities have given her years to hone her marketing skills, promoting and selling the families businesses to the public.

Her experiences in marketing and design combined with her love for unique homes and properties makes her an ideal agent to any buyer or seller. She will guide and advise not only with knowledge and diligence but always with creativity and passion.